1 months old baby

Question: I have cmpleted 40days from my delivery can i go agra for .. Refreshing my mind

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Answer: Dear please avoid any such travel amid Corona virus..better to stay indoors..Agra also had lot of Corona virus cases.
Answer: Preferably wait for 3 months at least to take ur new born out into public as immunity is low in infants..
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Question: I had c section after delivery till 40days my weight was normal but now it has increasing fastly can i go for excerise which excerise will b working
Answer: Hi dear, Post pregnancy weight loss plan is little challenging as you donot want to compromised on breastmilk supply.crash diet or fad diets are not healthy in a long run ,as well as would effect your breastmilk supply.try to eat clean and avoid junk food completly.make sure you drink plenty of water to increase your metabolism.eat lot of fibres the help you feel full for long time.hqve everything that is healthy.like whole wheat flour,brown rice,oats,pulses, vegetables,fruits,dairy,proteins.avoid deep fried things,sugary food items,heavy salt foods.cutting down on sugar would help you alot.along with it you can start little exercises.but avoid high intensity workouts.walking ,jogging,Zumba , swimming are very good now.brestfeeding does wonders in loosing weight too.so keep brestfeeding to loose more weight.and weight loss needs to be gradual.so have patience you would get there.i took 9 months for you to gain tht weight ,so give some time to shed.....
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Question: can I eat agra pedha?
Answer: hello.. dear yes you can have agra pedha... as it is made of milk and milk products .. as there is a lot of sugar added in that so avoid eating too much... if it is home made and if you add less sugar then it will be better... all the best.. happy pregnancy
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Question: Can I go for jogging after 2 months from delivery
Answer: not jogging but walking can be done after 3 months of delivery for jogging you need to wait for another 6 months
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