6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have chest pains..... Is that ok

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Answer: Drink hot water. Head bath occasionally
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    Indhu Mathi59 days ago

    Thanks you

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Question: what should i do so that i can have normal pains baby's position is downwards and everything is OK
Answer: Dear try doing exercises like pelvic stretch, kegels and squats as these helps in dilating the cervix and preparing urself for labor. However make sure to consult ur doctor or a certified trainer to knoe how to do these. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 4th month pregnent i have full body pains and I have stomach pain is it ok or not
Answer: Hi,this body pain can be due to stretching of the muscles due to expanding if uterus.howevwr you should go slow in your activities.you should not bend or lift anything heavy.you should avoid sleeping on the back because sleeping on the back will put preassure on the sciatica nerve which will cause more back pain and legs pain. Stomach pain is round ligament pain which happens on either side of the tummy due to expanding of uterus and stretching of muscles.so don't worry.sit up on the bed and keep your legs straight to get relief
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Question: Hi mam while sleeping i have leg pains from 2days is it ok or not
Answer: Don't standing to much on pregnancy take bed rest
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