19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have chest pain in few days my doctor recommended gel type pain killer but burning sensation side please anyone suggestion give a best gel for chest pain

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Answer: This is probably because of gastric problem. Visit your doctor, they might give you some medicine for it. Also dont eat anything that is heat inducing. Avoid garam masalas etc. Take cool things. Have banana, it really helps
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Question: I have heartburn. Burning sensation in my throat and chest. Can you please give some remedies.
Answer: dear please make sure to avoid spicy and have a food also you should sleep on cold milk and the never ever lie down just after your meals also make sure to walk daily and finish your dinner minimum 2 hours before bedtime
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Question: Hi it's my first pregnency, I have lite stomach pain in last 3 days , please give a suggestion for me
Answer: dear mild stomach pain is always normal during pregnancy so don't take any kind of tension about the same it is just happening because there are lots of internal changes happening in your body for example your uterus is expanding its want to give space to you baby. So don't take any tension
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Question: I have been gassing for a few days and have a burning sensation in the chest what should i do ??
Answer: Might be due to acidity avoid oily and spicy food items for two days drink water/buttermilk along with fenugreek powder
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