20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have calcium, folic acid, zinc and iron tablets. In what intervals should i have those tablets??

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Answer: Iron tablet in morning, folic acid in afternoon post lunch, zinc and calcium at night with a cup of milk. Zinc you can have it in morning also.
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    anjana varadarajan1099 days ago

    But my doctor has asked me not to have any tablet in the morning till afternoon as i have my thyroid tablet early in the morning.. So now what do i do??

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    Gowthami Maddu1099 days ago

    Then its better to take it in afternoon. Consult your doctor she will suggest you better than me

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Question: My doctor started calcium and iron tablets in 4th month . Should I stop folic acid tablet..
Answer: Yes, you can stop folic acid now. As iron tablets given at this stage contain folic acid so plain folic acid is not required
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Question: When should I take folic acid + iron tablets....is ut morning or night....and what abt calcium tablets
Answer: If you are drinking milk everyday, then it is best to take calcium along with milk for better absorption. There should be a gap of 4 hours between calcium and iron tablets. Iron tablets causes acidity, gas and bloating for few weeks till the body gets used to it, so best taken in the night before bedtime.
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Question: Can I have iron and calcium tablets along with duphaston and folic acid tablets? Or should I finish them and start with iron and calcium?
Answer: Regarding medicines always consult your doctor first. By the way you can have iron and cal tablets alongwith duphaston. But plz consult your gynaec first.
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