25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have brownish discharge ,but after consulting doctor he has prescribed me medicines for 7days.During consumption of medicine there is no discharge, but when medicine finished brown discharge starts again.Is it normal or something serious?

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Answer: No dear its not normal..
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Question: I'm in 7 th week of pregnancy with twins and I have brownish discharge and sometimes reddish discharge.....I consulted doctor and they give sustained progesterone release capsule..but 2 days after the discharge starts....what I have to do....I really very scared...there is no one t guide or help me in the groups....so please tell me something
Answer: Do full rest...avoid too much standing nd sitting Nd drink lot of water,Coconut water,nd u can consult other dr. Also
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Question: I spotted a light brownish discharge and reported the same to doctor. The doctor prescribed medicines and I have started taking it. Now instead of Brown discharge a dark blackish colour is visible..is everything alright now
Answer: Hello, Dear Brown or black discharge during early pregnancy is completely normal.. it must be some old blood in your veins that is coming out.. first as brown and now it's more old so it's coming out as Black discharge.. so don't worry it's completely normal and will be fine on its own. but if discharge increased then it's better to consult with the doctor.
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Question: Pls help doctor im 24 weeks pregnant in the last few weeks i had white discharge then after after prescribed medicine by my doctor discharge has stopped but now there is wetness in my vaginal area, not continuous but twice or thrice in a day. So is there something to worry about or it is normal??
Answer: I have asked this question 24 hours but still nobody has replied and in the app its written within half n hour expert would answer
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