5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have breathing problem. It's 5 week pregnancy through IVF

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Answer: Hello Yes it is very normal as the baby grows it's taking up more and more place so all ur internal organs are cramped in the thoracic cavity or between ur ribs wch squeezes ur lungs n reduces there capacity to breathe so u ll feel breathless whn u do tiring things like walk climb stairs etc there is nothing much u can do abt it so take breaks whn u feel breathless stay well hydrated and eat a healthy balanced diet.
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Question: I am 21 week pregnancy and i have breathing problem
Answer: Hello dear As a normal part of pregnancy, your breathing may be affected by the increase in the hormone progesterone, which causes you to breathe in more deeply. 5 ways to reduce shortness of breath during pregnancy : 1. Good posture: Keep your back and shoulders straight to give your lungs room to expand as much as possible. 2. Extra pillows: If breathlessness is disturbing your sleep, be comfortable with more pillows. 3. Eat healthily: Being overweight can make breathing even harder, so eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. 4. Yoga: Breathing exercises that are taught during yoga classes may help you control your breathing better.
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Question: Mam......i got pregnancy through ivf treatment...can we have sex at 16'th week is it safe or not
Answer: Hi. If you have a normal pregnancy, you can keep doing it right up until your Water breaks. There are lots of physical benefits of sex so pregnancy is not a reason to stop. And you may find that being free from worries about conception and contraception, you feel sexier than ever.  even think that women who have regular sex during pregnancy may be less likely to give birth prematurely. Having orgasms may also be related to a lower chance of giving birth early. if you're feeling sexy and well enough, then it's a good thing to keep your sex life going throughout pregnancy. Having satisfying sex during this time is gud for ur relationship......
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Question: can we wash hair in early pregnancy.. i m in 5th week... after 5 years of marriage i have conceived through ivf.. so a bit worried.. pls suggest..
Answer: Dear washing hairs is not gonna harm at all. Please do it the way you have been doing it till now. Just make sure while doing it there is no pressure on your tummy. Otherwise it is all normal. Hope it helps.
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