14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have bleeding now? But doctor said baby is all right, is it's OK for me?

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Answer: Mam Kai baar Puri pregnecy bleeding hotii hai overy ke pass ek red jhilli hoti hai Kai baar vo fat jatiii hai .. take bed rest .. niche pillow laga ke rest kijiyee
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Question: Yesterday am going to take scan doctor said some bleeding is there in scan but i dont have any bleeding still now why give me a any reason.. doctor said take bed rest for 15days
Answer: It was according to your body condition. Don't worry, relax.. take bed rest .... lord durga matha always bless u ... I will also pray for u . Be ready to play with u kid after 9 months
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Question: My LMP is 25nov... Doctor said no problem everything is ok.. But now daily little bit bleeding... Now also doctor said no problem.. For some ladies it will happen like this... But M getting more fear... What to do
Answer: Have you done your scan yet? Does doctor give you progesterone?
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Question: im 12 weeks pregnant...i have abnormal bleeding recently... doctor has said baby health is good. but I need to know what will be reason for bleeding
Answer: hello dear dont worry if your baby health is good.. actually many pregnant ladies have the bleeding during their early pregnancy till 12 weeks which is very normal..
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Question: I'm 11wk pregnant now. Completed my ultrasound scan and doctor said baby is healthy, but I'm bleeding, doctor give me tablets and said take complete bed rest, but day by day I'm bleeding what should I do please suggest me
Answer: Better talk to ur gynecologist
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