9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have bleeding in 6th week, till now we avoid sex, can we do now??

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Answer: Hello! Sex during the first trimester that is still 12th week should be avoided. However, oral sex is safe through out the pregnancy. You can have sex once you are in the second trimester. Ejaculation also can be done inside as the baby is surrounded by the amniotic fluid which keeps the baby away from all allergies. Take care
Answer: Hi,it is better to avoid sex during the first trimester .even Dr would suggest the same thing. You can have after that provided you have a healthy pregnancy.
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Question: Till which week we can do sex
Answer: Hello! Hello! Sex is considered safe during the entire second trimester. But during the third trimester it is better to consult the doctor as it can bring complications too. Take care
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Question: Now im in 6th week pregnancy. So During pregnancy can We have sex. Plz tell me
Answer: Hello dear... No,you can have intercourse aftter first trimester,but if you have pain or bleeding after that,please consult doctor
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Question: Can we do sex once in a week or have to avoid completely?
Answer: Hey you don't need to avoid it. If you are fine with it you can do it
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