15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have been prescribed iron and calcium tablets but no folic acid tablets however before I was taking folic acid tablets and sustein sr 200

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Answer: Hello! After the first trimester, folic acid tablets are generally discontinued and iron and calcium is started. Hence don't worry about it. Take care
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Question: In my 6th month pregnency, but doctor no prescribed iron tablets. Only folic acid and calcium tablets . Any problem or not ?
Answer: Hello, iron tablets are prescribed only if you are anemic. I guess since you are not anemic doctor has not prescribed . Nothing to worry about your doctor is aware what medicine is good for you trust them. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi...doctor suggested me to start iron and calcium tablets...before that i was taking MCBM 69 which is folic acid..now i should continue this folic tablet or iron and calcium is fine..
Answer: Generally, the prescribed Iron tablet will contain folic acid too.. So you may stop the folic acid tablets and start with the calcium and iron supplements. However, check once with your doctor..
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Question: hello I am taking and Calcium with Folic acidmixed and iron with folic acid mixed before taking Iron and Calcium I took Folic acid seperately should I follow the folic acid also
Answer: No, just take iron and calcium with folic acid. Don't take extra folic acid supplement
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