22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have been eating raw sprouts daily. Recently i checked on google and it said that FDA dies nit recommend a pregnant women to eat raw sprouts. Will this affect my baby. This is my first pregnancy and am bit worried. Its already 22 weeks

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Question: Hi....this is my first pregnancy..and its been 8 months..just wanted to ask you..when and how milk will produce..? I am bit worried..
Answer: Milk will produce as soon as you delivery your baby. do not worry if you are thinking that your milk will come or will not come. you will start feeling tenderness in your breast after 38 week as your breast will start preparing to produce milk which will be soon after delivery with the release of milking hormone oxytocin you. should be feeding your Baby within an hour of his birth also a newborn placed on Mother's chest after birth naturally helps the milk to come down because of the hormones. You can eat natural and try natural remediessuch as eating saunf and having Dil leaves, eating Methi and drinking Methi water , taking one tablespoon of ajwain as its summers you can do these regularly once you enter 39th week. Take care.
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Question: Hi all, is moong bean raw sprouts can eat during pregnancy, I ate 2-3 days and today I read somewhere it should not eat raw, is this consumption will affect my baby?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you are right.sprouts could be a potential risk for stomach infection.Sprouts.The raw sprouts though packed with nutrition are,however, contain the harmful known to have ill effects during your pregnancy. The bacterias salmonella and ecoli could be hazardous for you and the growing baby. Though the bacteria are present in the dormant seeds too but when the seeds sprouts they become active and cause fatal diseases.it could cause cramping,nausea and diarrhea.sprouts needs to be washed and properly cooked before consuming.
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Question: hi I'm 29 weeks pregnant recently I'm getting this urge to eat raw rice and poha .. will eating raw poha affect the baby ?
Answer: It is a classic case of Pica. This happens due to the deficiency in the body. Please talk to your doctor about it and avoid having raw rice and Poha.
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