4 years old baby

Question: I have 3 and half years old girl.she had fever goes to fits in 2 times (1year and 2 year) .I also worried .so any problem her future?

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Answer: hi dear! The infant's limbs may either stiffen or twitch and jerk and their eyes may roll. These seizures, called febrile seizures, are the most common type of infant seizures and are usually caused by fever. so do consult with your doctor dear as medicine or treating the underlying cause will treat this condition dear. dont worry with proper treatment there wont be any problem in the future dear. take care.
Answer: No problem. Upto 5 yrs fits is general for kids
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Question: My daughter 1year 8months goes to bathroom 3 times a day is there any problem
Answer: It's not normal dear. Babies should pee already 6 to 8 times a day (24 hours ). Please provide her more liquid like juice, water, ors, green coconut water. Soak a tablespoon of fennel seed in water and in the morning give that water to your baby. It will help if she is dehydrated. If she does not pee more then consult to doctor once
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Question: My baby 2 years old. He faced two times fits during fever time . Is it problem? How to prevent my child?
Answer: Hi dear, It is called seizures.quite common in babies.they are harmless and would not last more than a minute.it happens when the fever suddenly shoots above 102 degrees.you. Need to quickly get the fever down.this would improve once the baby is 5 years or above.donot worry baby won't remember the episodes of fits.talk to your doctor fo suppositories to quickly bring the fever down
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Question: Hii Dr. My baby is 3 months old and i have started him cow milk when he was 2 and half month due to my office... As i have read in many of your answers that we should not give cow milf to child before one year but my child does not have any problem.. So is this safe for him in future also..
Answer: Hi dear, Cow milk is not recommended before 1 year.because,it is difficult to digest and baby' s have weak digestive system.many develop serious intolerance too .like loose motions, vomiting or constipation.some also develop swelling of tounge and face.cow milk is less nutrious compare to the requirements of the growing baby.formula or breastmilk are readily absorbed and give right kind of nutrition.after1 year slowly introduce by diluting it.better to be safe than sorry.also check the healofy' app for right baby food post delivery,with delecious and healthy recipes.
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Question: I have 17days old baby, I don't have enough breastmilk to feed her so I feed her powdered milk , is any problem from that? and she even have stool problem as she goes 3days once.. am worried.
Answer: Hi dear, firstly you not having enough breast milk for that don't get tensed its ok if you give formula milk. But a small tip to increase breast milk is take a spoon of methi powder in a glass of warm milk mng n nite this will increase your breast milk immediately. You get this methi powder in market which they use to eat along with rice. Secondly your baby doing motion once in 3 days this is not a issue if babies don't do motion till 7 days is also ok. But aft 7 days then it is a problem
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