4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i have PCOD, and getting problem to conceive even after trying for 1 year. plz help me out

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Answer: Go for regular check up to a good infertility specialist.There are many medications available with the help of which u can get pregnant. But go for visit in every cycle till u conceive.
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    Vishakha Bhosale976 days ago

    Ok thank u so much

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Question: i have pcos and i am trying to conceive from 8 year plz help m
Answer: You need to get it treated. Pcod needs to be well balanced with diet exercise and most importantly hormones. Your doctor will recommend you IVF treatment and most importantly clomid or gonadotropins are given to help achieve the pregnancy. IVF is the most preferred mode of treatment if have been trying for more than 8 years in PCOS the body does not produce necessary hormones which are required for ovulation and without these hormones the eggs inside your ovary do not mature . metformin is a fertility drug for PCOS which is known to lower the insulin level and help in cycle formation. Take one hsg test and start with folicular study with help of clomid and metformin induction. Do not worry You will get pregnant Have faith.
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Question: I have bilateral pcos iam trying to conceive fast ,but unable too,plz help me out
Answer: Hi dear, as you have bilateral PC was it is very difficult to get pregnant as soon as possible. PCOS prevents fertility in women. You have to take proper medication and treatment to reduce your PCOS problem then only I will be able to conceive otherwise it will take long. Don't get disheartend, keep trying.
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Question: M not getting pregnant from two months trying to conceive plz help me out
Answer: hi are you should try and find out ovulation this which is between 12 -16th day of your period you should do intercourse during this period on every alternate days to get the positive results try doing this for 3 to 4 months if still that is that do not come positive then you should consult to the doctor
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