8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have an ectopic pregnancy 10 days back doctor gave methotrexate injection. My hcg levels started decreasing. After taking injection can internal bleeding occurs?

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Answer: Yes my sis have ectopic pregnancy and Dr also give her methotrexate injection she also have internal bleeding for some days .
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Question: I have an ectopic pregnancy. 6 days back doctor gave methotrexate injection at that time my hcg levels 480.now my hcg is 380.how long does it take hcg levels become 0
Answer: Hi dear ideally it all depends on your starting number so if your starting number is less it doesn't take much time but if the starting number is high then it can take a month or even 8 weeks to come to 0 and also it how your body responds to the medicine that have been prescribed to you that also matters .. Don't worry since your number is not that much it won't really take much time maybe within a couple of weeks it will hit 0 .. Hope this helps
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Question: After missing my periods for 6 days 2 days few bleeding occurs is this an miscarriage
Answer: Dear if the bleeding is very less like spotting it could be due to pregnancy as miscarriage means heavy bleeding. I would suggets you to do the home pregnancy test if it has been 7 days since ur periods missing. Take the test tomorrow morning with first urine to confirm the pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have had the ectopic pregnancy. .Doctor gave me an injection to remove this pregnancy from my left tube...Now how can I be pregnant again and when ..and why is this condition happened with me..please tell me. .
Answer: Some times this will happens, dont worry, get intercourse in the time of ovulation you will get good result, all the best for you
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