8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have an early pregnancy of about 6 or 7 week... from yesterday, I have an little bleeding (brown or red in Color) . doesn't have any pain. is it serious or common???

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Answer: Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is any discharge of blood from the vagina. It can happen anytime from conception (when the egg is fertilized) to the end of pregnancy. Light bleeding, or spotting, during pregnancy is common, especially during the first trimester. ... Bleeding is a heavier flow of blood. Spotting is light bleeding from your vagina. It's similar to a period, but much lighter. The colour of the blood can be anything from red to brown. Rest assured that in the early weeks of pregnancy, a little spotting or bleeding is very common. But since there is a chance of having early trimester miscarriages please any kind of spotting and bleeding at any point of time must be reported to your doctor for proper treatment on time.
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Question: Now i am in 6th week pregnancy and i have pain in the abdomen.is it common or any thing serious?
Answer: hi dear in early days of pregnancy like in 5th or 6th week of pregnancy this kind of abdominal pain or periods like cramps are very normal it happens due to round ligament pain which is basically a band of tissue which supports the uterus gets expanded to accommodate the baby in the system and that cause this kind of pains don't worry it won't be continuous it will be on and off for sometime and then it will go away.. Hope this helps !
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Question: Hi... I'm 6 weeks pregnant and i have brest pain from 4th week is it common in early pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear. Breast pain during pregnancy is quite common, due to harmonal changes. You can use hot or cold compresses on your breasts. Wear a firm support bra. Cover breasts with warm, wet towel for 10-15 minutes. The warmth increases blood circulation, reducing swelling and tenderness. Take care.
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Question: I have brown/red discharge today...But, it doesn't seems like period bleeding.. I dont have the feeling of nausea or any early signs of pregnancy... Whats happening??
Answer: Hi dear, its not important that all mom to be get pregnancy symptom so ita better not to rely on symptoms and get a home pregnancy test done and use only first midstream urine of the day for accurate results.
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