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Question: I have already lost my pregancy of 3months i went to doctor she said pregant result is negative

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Answer: Hello Dear please complete yur query so that we can help you with it
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Question: I am 6 week 3 days pregant now. I had spotting in 40 th day i went to the doctor she said to come after 10 days to check cardiac again i see red discharge and brown while urinate. I am afraid . I am having back pain .is anything serious . I already lost one pregancy.i am worried a it symptom of miscarriage?
Answer: Hello, White, pink, red discharge is common during first few weeks of pregnancy. It is called spotting. It's normal. Don't worry about it. It generally stays for 6-7 days. It may indicate the implantation and hormonal changes. If you find foul smell and other abnormalities and last for more than a week, then report to doctor. At 8-9 weeks you can see the heart beat of baby in ultrasound. So dont be afraid. Do your regular check ups and take rest
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Question: Hi i am 6 weeks pregant now. I had light spotting for two days in 40 days. I am worried already i lost one pregancy 6 month ago that was missed abortion.i went to the doc she said the growth was normal according to 5 th week but no heart beat so she said to come after 10 days to scan again.i don't want to lose again .anybody experience this with healthy pregancy please suggest me
Answer: thanks please don't worry dear as it could be implantation bleeding ... about the baby's heartbeat in 5th week baby's don't get Heartbeat babies get their Heartbeat started by 6th to 9th week . so instead of just going in 10 days I will advise you to go after 2-3 weeks for you next scan .
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Question: My pregancy test is negative but i have symptoms of pregancy .pls help me
Answer: If you have carried out the pregnancy test so early you may not get correct results so carry out the pregnancy test after 14 days of missed period to get accurate results your body needs certain level of HCG to be detected if you are pregnant.
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