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Question: I have AFI 20.8 and i m 30 weeks pregnant now..is there any harm to baby or for delivery?

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Answer: hi dear! so the amniotic fluid index is high dear . you will have to stop your activity and take bed rest dear. if you have not checked for your blood sugar then i would advise you to check your blood sugar levels. also dont worry you will have to monitor the levels again . as if its constantly high then there can be chances of early labour dear. dont worry we just have to check and also do consult with your doctor dear. take care dear.
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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant and detected with polyhydraminos with AFI 30. Is there any complications i need to expect regarding my baby or during delivery?
Answer: Hi. Your afi is too high dear. you will be monitored closely as pre term contraction or labour may happen. If you're diagnosed with polyhydramnios, your doctor will order a high-resolution ultrasound to check for abnormalities and some test for a genetic defect and infections. You'll also need to have regular nonstress testor ultrasounds for the rest of your pregnancy to monitor your baby's development. And you'll be watched closely for signs of preterm labor. There are chances of  gestational diabetes too so doctor will ask to go for diabeties test also. You'll be monitored carefully during labor as well. Because of the extra amniotic fluid, there's a greater risk of an umbilical cord prolapse (when the cord falls through the cervical opening) or a placental abruption when your water breaks. Both require an immediate c-section.
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Question: Hii doctor.......i m 36 weeks pregnant and my afi is 7.2, is there any risk for baby.
Answer: Hi dear, Amniotic fluid index(AFI),should be anywhere between 10- 18. Ideally 12 is good. But since your level is pretty low,I would advice you to consult doctor.as high AFI could make the normal delivery difficult and you could deliver through c section .also low AFI could give you preterm delivery. low AFI has few reasons: 1- birth defects,which could give kidney problems or urinary tract issues in baby 2-placental problem.if the placenta is not providing enough nutrition to baby,then baby would stop recycling fluid 3-if mother has fluid early leakage 4- maternal complications like diabetes,high BP 5- dehydration Risks: 1- baby could not develop lungs and muscles well.as from second trimester,baby starts to swallow the fluid and recycle it 2- increased chance of miscarriage or still birth 3-preterm birth Treatment: 1- plenty of fluids to be taken.barley water is good in such conditions. 2- some cases IV fluids are administered 3- injecting fluids through amniocentesis 4- amnio infusion through catheter during labor
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Question: Hello mam, m 30 weeks pregnant, is watching movie in theatre, now advisable? Or does it cause harm to baby?
Answer: Hello dear. If you are comfortable with loud sounds then you can enjoy theatre and movies during pregnancy. Increased noise levels can cause stress. This can cause changes in a pregnant woman's body that can affect her developing baby. Sound can travel through your body and reach your baby. Although this sound will be muffled in the womb. Hope this information was helpful.
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