13 months old baby

Question: I have a twins, one is very active and started walking few steps by her own but second is not crawling also. They are 13 months old

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Answer: Hi,Dear Don't worry all children are different and have their own time phase to do new things . Some kids are slow and some are fast learners. It's completely normal.All the best
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Question: My baby is 8 months old but she is not sitting by her own and not started crawling also . what is the solution for it
Answer: Hi dear, don't worry.. Make your baby sit with support by putting pillows on all her sides.. Let ur baby play while sitting like that only.. Gradually she will learn to gets control & Start sitting without her support..
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Question: Hii my daughter is 13 months old nd still she has not started walking on her own
Answer: Hi. Do not worry as some babies take bit longer to walk on their own without support. At every stage, right from helping baby to sit and then to help him to crawl or helping him in standing, you are encouraging your little one to walk. Once baby learns to stands, let her walk in front of you while you hold her hands—and as you notice improvement, let go of one hand so that she can learn to balance. Or stand a few feet away from her and ask her to come to you. Clapping and praising the baby will encourage the baby to take more steps. It will be gradual and slow but soon she will be managing it on her own.
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Question: My boy is ten months twenty days old, he hasn't started walking by himself, but he can climb sofa, Centre table, climb even stairs, crawling, very active boy, he hold my hand and walk few steps but halfway he will sit start crawling, isn't late for him to start walk by himself?
Answer: My baby is also 11months old can stand by herself but still can't walk. It's norrmal
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