Few weeks old baby

Question: I have a twin babies. they are 15days old. they are not taking my breast feed. I don't know what to do. please help.

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Answer: plz consult a dr. they may ask u for a milk test. may b somethings wrong. u can go for the test as u r saying both of them r not taking. u can even express milk and bottle feed them. u will get to kno if they r drinking ur milk from bottle orelse theres some problem in ur milk. plZ observe
Answer: First of all congratulations for th bundles of joy Please, if possible get in touch with a lactation expert, who will definitely help u with the latching. Meanwhile, u can get a breast pump and give the pumped milk to the baby.
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Answer: No problem dear my baby also not taking my breast feed......if he or she like to take another one like formula milk than its ok give it them
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Question: I have one month old baby. I do not get milk in one breast and other breast just like droplets. Please help me to breast feed my daughter.
Answer: Heyy my doctor had advised to keep breastfeeding to increase its supply...although diet is equally important.my mother used to give me masoor daal and lauki almost everyday....my mother in law had made these dry fruits ladoo too😊...it used to help as I had excellent milk supply.dri k plenty of water also..hope it helps you also..
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Question: Hello Dr.I'm with twin babies now they are in 4months 10days when I can feed them semi solids because I'm having difficulty to feed both please help me
Answer: Hey mommy many congratulations for double blessings... Dear when babies are 6 months then you can start feeding some semi solid diet to babies nothing before that..
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