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Question: I have a sharp pain on my right ribs area .now i am 34 weeks pregnant.i cant sit or lie on my right side .what can i do?

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Answer: Round ligament pain can be concerning and uncomfortable. But it is considered normal as your body changes during pregnancy. The symptoms of round ligament pain include a sharp, sudden spasm in the belly. It usually affects the right side, but it may happen on both sides.... Avoid movements that make the ligament painworse, such as reaching or stretching too far. Change positions. Try flexing your knees toward your stomach, or lying on your side with one pillow under your belly for support and another pillow between your legs. Slow down.
Answer: hi do not worry as the baby is increasing in size it puts more pressure on the diagram which can result and to discomfort pain and sometimes even difficulty in breathing this will continue till the baby is pushed down however to get relief you should keep your back posture erect you can also take help of pillows by keeping it behind your back which will help . doing breathing exercises should also help . I you can also do hot water compression
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Question: I have a unbearable pain in my right side ribs portion what do I do I'm 28 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, please try to sleep on the sides and slightly press the area below the ribs,this will help you
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Question: I am 32 weeks 2 days when am sit on floor or chairs I have a sharp pain I my vaginal area kyu aisa dukra hei
Answer: Hey dear, rest assured that this isn't a problem, it's part of pregnancy. Experiencing heaviness or swelling in vagina occur due due to increased blood volume, also as the growing uterus presses against certain blood vessels or blocks them altogether causing the disruptive blood how in vagina thus swelling arises. As pregnancy will progress you ll experience more heaviness, infact this will be extended to your inner thighs as well. Take ample of rest and worry less.
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Question: I am 27 weeks pregnant. I have a sharp pain on the left side below ribs... So i cant sleep . Is anyone hav this kind of prblm?
Answer: I too faced same problem but on right side. Having banana regularly and add ginger and garlics daily on foods. But once you have to discuss with your doc. Because my doc suggest some medicines
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