7 months old baby

Question: I have a nine month old baby..her weight is 7 kg..is it less or normal?

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Answer: At 9 months of age your baby should approximately weigh 8-9 kgs dear.... your baby is slightly underweight dear....
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Question: I have 1 yr 7 months old baby her weight is 9 kg it is normal??
Answer: Hello, Your baby weight should be near about 11kg.your baby is quite underweight.offer your baby with some healthy food. * Whole Fat Yogurt- babies can have yogurt,Make sure its whole. * Banana-Classic baby food perfect for dicing, slicing, and pureeing. Babies often love this super sweet fruit that packs a big calorie punch! * Eggs-Scrambled or omelet style eggs are often best for calories because baby is sure to get the yolk. Don’t offer hard boiled eggs too often if your baby always skips out on the high calorie yolk. * Potato-Super brain food that can be offered diced, mashed, or as fries. Think about adding in some butter and even a little syrup if you really need those extra calories. *Lentils-Easy to puree these and add into other baby foods.  Or, mix with noodles, rice, or spread on toast.
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Question: Hi..my baby is 9 month old...her weight is7.2 kg..birth weight was 3 kg...is it a normal weight gain or less
Answer: Dont worry its normal weight... When Baby is active dont worry about weight.. please give homemade dishes for your baby..Its good for your baby
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Question: my daughter is 4.5 month old and her weight is 6.080 kg.. Her birth weight was 2.8 kg..is 6 kg weight normal or is it less ?
Answer: Her weight is ok. Feed her at every two hours for 20mins each breast.
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