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Question: I have a 11 month old baby boy and I just discovered that I'm pregnant again. I stay with my husband and child in other city away from family..I want this 2nd child but we are worried how will I take care of both kids

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Answer: Dear now that your are pregnant you have got 7 months to think and plan for your baby. I also stay with my husband away from family and planning for second baby but my daughter is 4 years old. Please do not worry everything can be managed. Talk to your husband and try to find solutions. He should be equally involved now. Get help if needed. Trust me getting a maid just to help you with some extra work in the house gives lot of relief. Hope it helps.
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    priyanka narula1059 days ago

    My husband is mentally not prepared for 2nd child and has told me to take abortion pill..his mom says as u ppl stay far its difficult for her to come and stay long duration..no one is supporting my decision and pressuring me. I have a house help who cooks food n cleans house but I would also need help for my 1st baby as he will start walking after some months..even if I dont want I will have to abort my baby which is so heartbreaking for me

Answer: My husband is not ready to take responsibility now for a 2nd baby..I tried to convince him a lot and as my age is 34 now I told him that later it may b a problem but he is not mentally prepared for 2nd baby and has told me to take I pill..I so want this baby but non of his family members are also supporting specially his mom😭
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