3 months old baby

Question: I have a 3 month baby girl and i am working women and on maternity leave. When i will join my office she will be 5 month old. No one is here to take care of her in my in-laws and my maternal is living so far....not possible to be get the baby from there daily, in case if i leave my baby there....even no creches in my company...as well. So, I am thinking to drop my baby to my mother and and to get my baby from there on weakends. Is it safe and possible to do.?

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Answer: Hello dear, it s suggested to feed ur baby at least for one year. If you r leaving your baby at ur mom place, the baby will loose bf. Breast feeding is one of the best gift u can give to ur child. My suggestion s bring ur mother to ur place and let yet take care of your baby in ur absence.
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Question: Hi all...want to an answer about maternity leave.....my baby is is 4 month 13 days and my maternity leaves are overed now from tomorrow onwards i have to join my office but actually i m not prepared for it right now because of my baby because i dnt think so he is that much big that he can leave without me because the things is i used to leave for my office at morning 8 and come back at 10:45 or 11 in the night because office is so far away from my home.so for that i have talked to manager for extend my leave for more 1 and half month but they have refused so in that case can i able resign the company after maternity leaves or is there any terms ans conditions for that.....plz do let me know
Answer: Hi dear, maternity leaves k baad har company ki different policy hoti hai for example my company needs the employees to give notice period and KT, handover has to get done before resigning, in other companies they give lwp for extension, but they more often than not won't make things complicated if you are giving valid reason. Contact your management /HR and get a clear picture.
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Question: Hi i will be rejoining my office after my maternity on July. Before 6months what can I give to baby
Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is just 3 months old. So, now u should only give breastfeeding or formula milk to ur baby. Dont start giving any solid food to ur baby now. U should always start giving solid food to ur baby only after 6 months. As u are going to office, so u can express ur breast milk and can give it to ur baby. Freshly expressed breast milk at room temperature can be stored for a maximum of 4 hrs and the back of the refrigerator for up to five days in clean conditions.
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Question: I am a mother to a lovely 3 month old daughter. She is on mother's feed as of now. I have been on a maternity leave and need to join the office after 19th May. By that time, she will only be 4 months old and will be looked after her grandparents. How do I get my daughter to feed from a bottle so that she doesn't have to stay hungry and I can go to work with my mind at peace?
Answer: Hema you can store your milk at refrigerator in can use that milk there are kits available so you could do use that to store milk and you can also use formula milk because you can't feed stored milk for long time to babies so you can use formula milk and from fifth month onwards at end of the month we can start giving Semi solid food which helps baby to be hunger free
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