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Question: I have a love marriage, I am educated and working in the same profession like my husband. We decided to get married without any dowry and all. Although it was a marriage without dowry my parents gave lots of gift to my inlaws and it was beautiful wedding with all show. Everything was done to keep my inlaws happy. Now in every function, my mother in law woud expect that lot of gifts, in terms of silver plates, glasses should be sent to her. She would even tell this to me that its their culture and custome and it shoud come from my family. I initially did also but everytime, it is getting too much. how do I handle this?

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Answer: Dear, How much ever you do it will be less only for the inlaws. To be honest, the first time you gave her all these gifts and silver gold thing it was wrong. You have set a bad trend. Giving a gift to families is good but it should not be like you are my daughter in law and so in every festival, your families need to send gifts. You are also earning like your husband and then he should also send all these silver gold things to your family in every festival. Dear, this is all strategies to demand for dowry and how much ever you give the demand would only increase and never come down. So better be careful. Learn to say it is not possible or simply ignore.
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    Pavani Shrestha216 days ago

    Simple thing ask ur husband help, if he truly loves u he vl help u n can solve this

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    Afrin Mohammed213 days ago

    Ask your husband directly if they are expecting any kind of dowry form you.. What if your in-laws doing all with the help of your husband is he aware of the demands what they are asking do consult and discuss. Later on If not make him stand along with you and ask his parents in a form of tradition you can't make things do in there own. So you guys are educated and are working take a separate move and live happily... All the best

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    Shifaa140 days ago

    Yes no husband can allow such things happening again n again if really wants to.. So dear understand this and take strong stand in front of husband and inlaws

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    Shifaa140 days ago

    I m also married to a person who never demanded dowry stopped his parent made them understand not a single thing he took from my parent except wedding ring which i bought and after marriage also my parents insisted alot but he denied even he respected nd treated my parents like his parents

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    vidhya murthi102 days ago

    Dear it was my story but now I m free. Wen ur mother in law demands dnt tell her anything say ok, samething tell ur husband in a vry polite manner tell him ur mother is asking me to get dis I m feeling so awkward wat dey will think dat ur mother only demands every now & thn. Dey hve already done so much for me even b4 made me so independent & I do nothing for dem bt only keep on asking. I m feeling so ashamed to ask everytime tym u plz suggest me hw should I start d dialogue to ask dis tym? Plz as I m feeling so awkward dey even say still she is demanding. I said same dear u play safe let him gve u dialogue dis tym which will nvr cme from his side as it is against their ego. I did same & nw if she demands something my husband says where it is written to get it jst show me & tells me directly in front of her dnt listen to it. By doing so u will also cme to knw if ur husband also likes taking from ur parents or not.

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    manochitra venakanti21 days ago

    Hi my self also facing same problem

Answer: Dear , you should talk to your husband about it. He will handle it, if not then it's time you should talk to your mil. If she says it's about culture and traditions then tell her about those traditions that you and your mil no longer follow. Example - sati pratha is also our old tradition but no longer followed.... Be calm and handle situation tactfully and reasonably. Fighting is no solution as others have suggested...
Answer: Hello You're a working independent women. Your parents raised you good, fulfilled all your wishes and made you the person you are right now. It's your time to let them relax and enjoy. You tell your in-laws if all those gifts have to come from my family then I'll pay for it as I am working and capable and part of that family also.
Answer: Heloo dear ...ask ur husbnd to deal calmly with his mothr ..he will surely undrstand you and manage this
Answer: इस विषय में सबसे पहले आप अपने पति से बात करें, संयम से बात करने पर ही इस समस्या का समाधान संभव हैं ।
Answer: ask your husband to live seperately take a diffrnt flat for both of you
Answer: Dear i think it's my story 😭
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    Shaila Naidu168 days ago

    I am facing the same but i spoken to my husband and cleared it .and he spoken to his mom .we have to take an action and have to change this system.

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    null_0601_32910 days ago

    Tell then strictly that you don't like it. And it hurts your self respect. Nobody can demand anything from your parents. They have already given there daughter. Next time tell them straight that I don't like asking anything from my parents. It is very bad.

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