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Question: I have a lot of pain in back after intercourse since 2 days. Why is it so?

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Answer: Hello, it's common to have pain during intercourse but if there is burning sensation, ripping feeling , tearing sensation in your vagina then you can contact doctor immediately.
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    Nobooo Rajput24 days ago

    But I have pain after 4-5 days too.....

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Question: I am having lot of back pain since 2-3 days... Any way to ease it?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Back pain may be a signal of uti. So get your urine examined. If it's uti drink lot of liquids like water,cocnut water, fruit juice, butter milk etc so infection goes way from urine. If not nothing to worry. Just take support to back when ever to sit. Sit with support to legs. Put cushion when you sit. Take care
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Question: Hello doc! I have pain in my right lower abdomen since 2 days ! Why is it so?
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, abdomen pain happen due to stretching of muscles, it is normal, it can also happen due to dietary changes, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have 5-6 small meals Drink 2-3 litreof water a day Include more fibre rich food, fruits and veggies Avoid oil, fried, gas related food You can also drink cumin water, buttermilk If you have severe pain, please consult doctor
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Question: Why do I have a lot of pain in sex
Answer: Hi dear if u have pain then plz consult doctor as may be u have some infection which needs to get cured . Generally pain shouldn't be dere. Minor pain is fine which goes very soon
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