2 months old baby

Question: I have a female baby.just 55 days old.At the day of 8,her thyroid test done.TT3 & TT4 are 162.75 & 14.5 and TSH is 1.24. It is normal or not. If any medicine to follow for child.pls guide me

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Question: I had a miscarriage in June 2018.. As per th reports that time the tsh level was 3.31.. Now I am expecting and the tsh level is 3.99.. I saw a MD Physician as per my gyneaclogists suggestion.. He gave me a medicine T eltroxin 12.5 1 BBF for 15 days followed my test again.. M worried if I have got thyroid for lifetime now and what about the baby. Are the medicine safe for the baby.. Kindly reply n help me pls
Answer: Hi, it is important to get hypothyroidism under control during pregnancy. Uncontrolled hypothyroidism during pregnancy can lead preeclampsia, anemia, miscarriage, stillbirth etc. Thyroid function should be checked every 6 to 8 weeks during pregnancy.the dosage will need to be adjusted regularly and it is safe to use during pregnancy
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Question: I have gestational diabetes. 8 months pregnant. Using Metformin 500 mg twice a day made my sugar level normal. How long should I continue? TSH increased to 4.78. Should I use any thyroid medicine?
Answer: Hello Yu need to continue yur sugar medication till yu deliver. And yur thyroid level is also on slight higher side Yu can't start medication on yur own dear that to in eight month of pregnancy. Meet yur gynac she will guide you on course n dosage n which medication to be used by yu. Take care
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Question: Hi.. my tsh levels are 6.5, however a normal tsh is advised to be 5.5.. is it okay if i dont take the medicine for thyroid ? Please advice as i really don't want to start with medicines for the same.
Answer: It's advised to keep tsh normal. Plz consult doctor and follow advice...
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