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Question: I have a dry cough. Doctor has given we surf to drink. I taking it. It will affect in any way

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Question: I am a 9 month pregnant mom...i have heavy dry cough... Will that in any way affect the baby
Answer: Hello dear, , you can try the remedies and tips mentioned here. But remember, the tips here will only help ease the symptom and will not cure the cause. For that, you need a health care professional. Drink plenty of fluids. Keeping your body hydrated is paramount during pregnancy. So drink a lot of water, which will help control a case of  cough too. Try drinking lukewarm water with lemon to find relief from a cough. Another great way to soothe an irritated throat and cough is honey. Add some honey to warm water and drink it...cough drops are ever popular and an easy method of cough control. Ask your doctor to recommend a good, pregnancy safe cough drop to find relief.....Sleeping during pregnancy, especially when you are suffering from a cough, can be tough. Try to elevate your head with pillows to help you deal with a pregnancy and dry cough induced insomnia. Dust, strong odors (perfumes), cleaning products, etc. can all cause a cough and should be avoided. Your immune system needs a boost when you are pregnant. So, fill your menu with immune strengthening foods. Try adding orange juice to your diet, which contains vitamin C and can strengthen your immune system. I hope it helped... Take care urself....
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Question: I have thing more about sex it will affect my baby in any way
Answer: No dear it is not really harmful but you can try to divert your mind.. you may write 10 things that you like most.. you can also meditate once or twice a day.. you can go through normal sexual life upto 9 months of pregnancy.. have a good time ahead.. motivate yourself..
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Question: Doctor has given me udiliv 300mg tablet as I have got rashes in my body. Will it affect my baby in any means??
Answer: Don't worry dear...any medication prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy....is absolutely safe to be taken...so please take the medication prescribed by your doctor to help reduce the rashes..
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