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Question: I have a chocolate cyst..wat shud i do nw for concvng

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Answer: Chocolate cyst interferes with conception and needs to be removed. but if your menstrual cycle is irregular or you are having pain or it is also associated with endometriosis then you might ask you for lap surgery So you should start the medical treatment after consulting your gynecologist.
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Question: I have pain in teeths....wat shud i do
Answer: Beside from seeing a doctor and taking pain killers, pregnant women can try some of these effective natural home remedies to relieve toothache. chew  clove or soak a cotton ball in a clove oil and placed it over the aching tooth.  Soak a damp cloth in warm water and pressed it on the pain area outside the mouth near the cheek. This can allay toothache for some time. soak a cloth in ice cold water and apply it on the outside pain area or a pack of ice can be placed over the toothache. It would relief the pain by numbing the nerves causing toothache. Garlic is an ancient old natural remedy for toothache. Pregnant women can chew on garlic or directly apply crushed garlic clove on the toothache.  few guava leaves to boiling water, cool it and add pinch of salt to it. Use this solution to gargle the mouth. Repeat gargling several times to make sure the solution completely penetrates the aching tooth. Chew on the raw spinach leaves against the toothache or simply crush the leaves into a paste and apply it directly on the affected tooth. Pregnant women with toothache should avoid eating sweet and sugary foods. It can cause increased plague build up and worsen the toothache. Very simple home remedy to relief toothache is to rinse the teeth with warm water. add little bit of salt to lukewarm water and enhance its effectiveness. 
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Question: Any treatment for chocolate cyst
Answer: Treatment will depend on several factors, including: your age your symptoms whether one or both ovaries are affected whether or not you want to have children If the cyst is small and not producing symptoms, your doctor may advise a watch-and-wait approach. They may also recommend medication that inhibits ovulation, such as the birth control pill. This can help control pain and slow the growth of cysts, but it can’t cure them. Surgery to remove the cysts, called an ovarian cystectomy, is often recommended for women who have: painful symptoms cysts larger than 4 cm cysts that may be cancerous (but a 2006 review estimates less than 1 percent of cysts are cancerous) infertility The surgery is generally done via a laparoscope. A laparoscope is a thin, long tube with a light and camera on the end that help doctors perform the procedure. It’s inserted through a small incision. The surgery is controversial in terms of whether it hurts or helps fertility. Even when the surgeon is highly skilled, healthy ovarian tissue can be removed along with the cyst. That may negatively affect ovarian function. However, the inflammation and toxic environment a chocolate cyst can produce may do more harm to fertility than surgery. Discuss all of your options and concerns with your doctor before beginning treatment.
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Question: I have severe tooth ache ..wat i shud do?😭😭
Answer: Hello dear. The most common reason for tooth ache during pregnancy is due to the harmonal changes. Few of the home remedies are: Warm Water Rinse  Compression Antiseptic: A number of over-the-counter antiseptics can numb the gums and provide temporary pain relief.  You’ll have to contact your doctor before taking over the counter antiseptics. Take care.
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