1 months old baby

Question: I have a c sec before 20 days ...now stickey water id discharging is it normal??

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Question: Delivered by c-sec 20 days before..is it safe to have sex..my periods r ovr now
Answer: Hi,welcome to motherhood dear it would be advisable to wait for 4-6 weeks after delivery to indulge in sexual relationship.As body needs this time to heal as well as for the hormones Also you should be careful as if you are breast feeding your baby you may not get periods and hence it would be difficult to track your pregnancy and do it is important to take precautions.
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Question: Hi.. I have c sec 6 days before.. my leg are swelling.. is this normal?
Answer: Hi, yes it is normal.Many women experience postpartum swelling of the face and extremities like the hands, feet, and legs. Some will also experience swelling around the incision from a cesarean delivery. Drink plenty of water, elevate your feet, eat pottasium rich food.
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Question: Hello dr. I have a c -sec before 20 days ..but from yesterday had a sticky water discharge is it normal pls ans its my first pregnancy???
Answer: Hello! Sticky water discharge from the stitches is not normal. Will ask you to consult the doctor on urgent basis. . Take care
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