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Question: I have a black colour dark stretch mark its look something odd how to over come from thst

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Answer: Dear don't worry about stretch marks you can use Mamaearth stretch marks cream it's help to reduce your stretch marks it's very effective cream. It's available at Amazon, Naykaa,
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Question: How to remoce dark black stretch mark post delivery.
Answer: Hello! Stretch marks are common among women after pregnancy..It is not possible to get rid of stretch marks completely as they only get lighter with time..Take a small cloth and apply honey on it.Place the cloth on the affected area and let it remain until it turns dry.Rinse off using warm water.Or you can prepare honey scrub by mixing it with salt and glycerin. Apply it on the stretch marks, leave until it dries and rinse off using water.
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Question: hii all, I am 8 week pregnent, I come a lot of odd dreams. how can I come out from odd dreams.. plz suggest
Answer: First , always keep yourself occupied. This helps in not letting your mind wander. You can fully concentrate in your present. Second, Get ample of rest and sleep.Often overtired body and mind can make you anxious and overwhelmed. Third, practice light exercises it's best remedy to keep your mind at peace. Fourth, Eat healthy and stay hydrated. A well fed and rested body responds much better than hungry and tired one. Fifth, Before sleeping have a glass of lukewarm milk it will help you sleep better. Sixth, you can add 2 3 drops of lavender oil on your pillow, it's known for its calming and sleep inducing properties. Seventh, listen to soothing music, you can even try garbhsanskar. Read your favourite book. Don't use mobile as it will overtire you making it more difficult to sleep.
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Question: How does a stretch mark start and looks like ?? I have white mark a kind of a spot but it's flat i am scared if its stretch mark or vitiligo
Answer: Strech marks are usually long lines and not spots.
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Question: I have more pipple and dark mark on face.. its saw a after pregnancy ... Why and how to remove??
Answer: Hi! Every pregnancy has its own share of issues and pimples is one of them, skin becomes dark for melanin pigmentation. The skin lightening happens 3-4 months post partum. Pls dont use any products. Go for the natural remedy. Mix Besan with haldi. In a mixer jar add tomato and some milk add the besan n haldi mix as well. Grind it into paste and use this every day or alternative days before bath. Keep it on face fr abt 15 to 20 mins and then wash. U will see amazing results also the redness will fade. Use olive oil in ur food also add curd/buttermilk to your diet. Hope this helps!
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