37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have a 37weeks pergency why my hip.so pain what reason become a delivery time

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Answer: Dear, you can get such pain because of your increased uterus. The weight of growing uterus create pressure on the pelvic region that causes pain in back, hip & legs. It's very common and after delivery in this pain will goes away by it self. Taking gentle massage and hot compress can give you some relief.. Hope it helps.
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    Sakthi Meenu213 days ago

    Thank u so much dr

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Answer: Hey not to worry..it is more as your increasing uterus size is squeezing your urinary bladder. ..that urges you to empty the urine soon..very common and actually normal..as long as it are not having any burning sensation while.peeing dnt worry .
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Question: Why my stomach is not a bigger in pergency time
Answer: It is important that your ultrasound scan should be fine and the baby weight should be ok otherwise don't worry about the stomach because that can be due to your physic or position of the uterus
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Question: I have become too skinny post delivery, what is the reason
Answer: May be due to stress of deivery and child care ... Eat well top your food with some ghee it will help tc
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