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Question: I have 3daughters plz give me some tips I want baby boy plzzzzz

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Answer: Dear you have 3 Beautiful angel . There is no nay way of method for only baby boy . This is Internal Process. Just give your daughter every this .
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    Deepak Archana Shukla186 days ago

    Thanks for your motivation ☺️☺️

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Question: My weight is increasing to much I m worried plz give me some tips for controlling the weight
Answer: First step when your pregnant please avoid junk foods and the foods which are prepared outside please prepare healthy and nutritious food by yourself at home or you can ask somebody who is very close or you can do it for you and nutritious and healthy food secondly you had to keep on warming up a bit in the morning and also in the evening like doing yoga for doing structures which will be very helpful in keeping fit for you and for your baby and doing workout for little warm UPS for stretches will help you during delivery time and also in the weight loss, make sure you will be eating fresh fruits for fresh prepared food thank u happy Motherhood have a great time take care of yourself
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Question: What foods I have to give to my 8th month boy... Plz tell me
Answer: Hope you are enjoying your motherhood. You can give your little one ragi, rava kanji, smashed beetroot, peas and Dosa. Start all in small amounts and increase it gradually. Take care.
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Question: I am 5 week pregnant....I have more constipation...plz give some useful and safe tips for me and my baby....
Answer: Drink lot of water and eat the foods which have more fiber!! Include salad in your diet
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