40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have 3 days baby she is not sucking milk how can I feed her now please reply fast my breast is getting hard

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Answer: hi dear usually all new born babies don't know to latch we should train them it will take at least one or two days but don't worry she will learn soon. Feed your baby keeping your fingers like V shaped this helps the baby to suck the nipple. keep your index finger and thumb finger like a v shape and hold your nipple with that this makes a baby to get that nipple easy
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    ramya as427 days ago

    I tried all this but still she is not sucking

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Question: My baby is not sucking breast nipples. I am not getting how to breast feed her?
Answer: Hai, don't worry about it. Baby will try to suck milk slowly. Sometimes some babies are not suck milk first. You can try to press your the breast and slowly feed baby .
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Question: My baby is not sucking breast milk, but feeding formula on bottle. How to make her feed on breast milk again. Please help, I am feeling helpless.
Answer: Try offering her breast milk when she is hungry. Or try expressing breast milk and feed through bottle. Keep trying breast feeding at night too. she will accept it.
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Question: My baby is getting thin day day her weight is 7kg. She does not want to have formula milk but I don't have enough breast milk to feed her. Plz suggest how can I take care of my baby
Answer: Don't give formula milk if she is not talking. Give her breastmilk. Milk production is proportionate to the amount of milk sucked by your baby. So in no way it is less. But you can have garlic, green papaya spinach oats carrot fennel fenugreek nuts bottle guard salmon to increase milk production. Also more you can gives solid food soi that will cover up
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