2 months old baby

Question: I have 2 months baby, lumps formed in my breast it is painfull and bit reddish what may be the reason and please give solutions for this problem

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Answer: Hi dear, Minor lumps in breast post delivery is absolutely fine.it usually clears on its own while.brwadtfeefing.but if the lumpnis painful and as you said has turned red,then it coupd.be a sign of infection,which needs to be treatd either by surery or antibiotics.ease get in touch with your doctor soon.you could.also develop fever due to the inflammation.
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    Usha R328 days ago

    I also suffered from this same problem and had surgery also please don't delay first you consult the doctor

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Question: Some acnes are being formed on my stomach... What may be the reason for it?
Answer: Do not worry skin issues a very common to every pregnant woman pimples ,skin darkening ,skin rashes. these all are very normal in pregnancy because of the hormonal changes do not worry this all issues will resolve after delivery when you are hormones will be back again to normal. Meanwhile you can try the paste of multani mitti besan mixed with milk cream and curd apply this equally and evenly on your face and patches. let it sit for 15 minutes and wash off this will help to reduce the pigmentation. For preventing acne and Breakout you should wash your face twice a day with mild soap suggest also use fragrance free and oil free products which do not clog your pores . Body acne can be reduced with help of calamine lotion . Natural remedies such as aloe vera may be used for the acne breakouts. Multani mitti /curd honey and tomato juice these things are used regularly to prevent tanning and blackening of skin but you must do in moderation. thrice a week should be fine . Do not over do as in pregnancy the skin is very sensitive and your skin can develop rashes .
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Question: I have itching problem in Virginia for 2 months.. What will be the reason
Answer: Hi dear there is a itching in vagina it can be yeast infection which is very common during pregnancy but some mothers can also face it post delivery please keep the area clean and clear start wearing cotton innerwear Adrian that please have lots of water and also curd as it is full of probiotic and please avoid using any kind of intimate wash or soap to that area report this to your doctor doctor might help you with antifungal ointment which you need to apply on a daily basis till the time it does not get cured .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have suddenly got hard lumps in my right breast and its paining.. Any solutions
Answer: Hi dear...the lumps in your breasts are caused by the clogged milk ducts...so take a hot water shower or use a hot water bag..this will help reduce the lumps and feed your baby immediately...this will help get rid of the lumps in your breasts...
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