Few weeks old baby

Question: I have 1month old baby..breastfeeding is not enough for baby..Shall i give Nan excella pro?

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Answer: Inspite of giving baby something u should have try to increase breast milk.have shatavari powder with milk.eat green leafy vegetables have jeera in more amount and drink lots of water
Answer: Please consult with your pediatrician before giving formula milk to your baby dear...
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Question: I m 6 week pregnant n I have not vomit till now is it healthy for baby or not
Answer: Every woman's pregnancy is different, some women are very nauseous, some women do not vomit at all, just take good care of yourself, keep taking healthy diet so that the baby's growth is good.
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Question: My baby is 3months old. I purchase Nan pro 1 for baby . She is not drinking bottle . Till how many days we can use after open this .it is expensive
Answer: Hi dear..you can use till the bottle completes...I use farex 2 and i use till it completes...mostly in my baby case within 10 days farex 2 formula milk completes..
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Question: My baby is on teething process ...she is have enough watery stool but I think she is not passing urine from last few days..is it normal? What should I do for this? Pl suggest
Answer: If ur baby is not passing urine for 1day also it is uncommon...consult doctor asap...and teething process actually at 6months above
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