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Question: I have 1.4 cm gallstone which is pinless and missed my period by two pregnncy safe with gallstone?i dont want my gallbldder to be removed

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Answer: It's okay to have gall stones while pregnant but it is very important to control diet or else it gets worse and you cannot go for a surgery then. I have 4 stones, now in my 19th week. Controlling my diet strictly avoiding red meat and fried foods. Till now everything seems perfect. I was undergoing treatment in the US. Doctor said as long as I can manage my diet, surgery requirement will not arise. Don't hurry into surgery like most doctors say. There are side effects even after surgery.
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Answer: Hi dear if you miss your period for more than 4 days then wait for few days and then take pregnancy test to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. As you are planning for pregnancy and you have chances of getting pregnant then don't do any heavy work, don't lift anything heavy and avoid sex for these days. Hope it helps
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Question: Hi I want to know what are the signs of pregnancy..I missed my period by two days
Answer: Missed periods, Headache, nausea,. Pain in abdominal etc. You can wait for 8 days and go for homemade pregnancy test and check whether it is positive or what?
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Question: I have missed my period from 2 days.. I want to ask is it safe to travel.. Because I have not done pregnancy test yet
Answer: Some times periods may be late..if u sure that u r pregnant so be careful when u travel..
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