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Question: i hav undergone c- section on 1st feb delivering a baby girl. i had diabetes during this and my little ones blood glucose was normal .shall i take a normal diet or diabetic diet as i am breastfeeding her?

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Answer: Hello! Even if the diabetes does go away after the baby is born, half of all women who had gestational diabetes develop type 2 diabetes later. It's important for a woman who has had gestational diabetes to continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet after pregnancy to prevent or delay getting type 2 diabetes. However, you do not have to be very strict in your diet, but avoid anything in excess and control your way of sweets intake.
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Answer: You can take normal diet. I had the same and after delivery my doc suggested me normal diet
Answer: You can take normal diet. I had the same and after delivery my doc suggested me normal diet
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Question: Shall i take little warm water after i had a c section delivery. Also, can we sleep during the day time while taking head bath
Answer: hi dear you can always have warm water it is good for the stomach and also for the body you can sleep during the daytime after having head but because it will relax the body and give you good sleep. Take care dear
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Question: hello i had a c section delivery 10 days ago .pls suggest proper diet chart after c section delivery and from when we can take proper solid diet .
Answer: Hello... Dear during post partum period and after c section delivery,you should have a nutrious diet ,which helps to heal your body and also provide great nutrition to fulfill the needs of your baby, through breast feeding,so follow these steps it might be helpful for you. Include whole grain ,they are rich in dietary fibre and vitamin b complex,helps in preventing fat deposit,such as brown rice and bread in your diet,which is rich in corbohydrates produces lot of energy and also increase your milk production. Add more fruits and veggies in your diet ,can have lot of salads,soups,sabji,so that it makes you feel energetic and also include more green leafy vegetables will provide lot of iron needed for your body and also prevents constipation,avoid gas related vegetables like potato,raw banana, because it creates gas issues during breast-feeding Milk is rich source of calcium,needed during this phase,so atleast drink two glasses of milk daily,can also have garlic milk,helps in increasing of breast milk It is essential to drink two to three litres of water,will help to flush out all toxin and also stay away from dehydration You can go for healthy snack option like dryfruits,nuts,riceflakes will also help in milk production Include lean chicken and lamb (mutton) in your diet will helps in healing the body and also provide more energy needed ,it helps in weight gain of baby too Avoid oil,spicy ,packed foods, opt for healthy home made foods. Make a habit of eating 5-6 small meals, don't Starve yourself dear, because this help in reducing gastric issues and it also prevents getting tired and exhausted during this phase Apart from diet,rest is also essential during postpartum period, because in these days,you may not get enough sleep,so sleep when your baby sleeps, don't get stressed ,be relax and calm,will help you lot , follow these steps it might be helpful for you.. Thank you
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Question: I delivered my baby on 1st feb..till 20th feb i had my periods... After dat today i got a little blood stain in the morning after which no more blood discharge... Is this start of normal periods?
Answer: Hi It takes 3 months to bounce to your normal period if you are not feeding and if you are feeding it can take up to 1 year for you periods to return. It varies from person to person. However this seems to be your normal period. Report to your doctor on your followup.
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Question: Dr, I had experienced diabetes in my previous pregnancy and I used to eat obimet tablets that time. I had done glucose tolerance test 2 times for this pregnancy and the result is normal. Is glucose tolerance test is the only way to find diabetes, if I'm not following a proper diet? Is there a chance of getting diabetic when I undergo diet? Can I use fasting glucose test to know my correct level of sugar?
Answer: Dont worry. If it is normal then enjoy your pregnancy dear. It is not compulsary that if you get once, again you will get. U may not have also. So enjoy n take care
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