16 months old baby

Question: I hav stopped feeding my baby since 2 days... My breast only on left der is a clog its painful wat to do fr it plz help

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Question: I am breastfeeding my 6 month baby...and sje only takes feed from left breast. Since 2 days I m experiencing sever pain, and on touching my breast feel very tight -like lumps...and today i noticed a white spot on my nipple.And its only on left breast....i yried feeding my little one from right...but she is not taking.Plz advice
Answer: Hi dear baby is not a feeding from your left breast because your breast is engorged Please start feeding from two sides, keep switching sides when the baby is feeding. Please express the milk, give warm compress. Wet a towel in warm water and hold it on thd engorged breast you will see mill flowing out. You can also try ice cold pack. You can try cold cabbage leaves under your bra to give have some relief. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is feeding only from right breast since 2 days..I tried alot from left breast but she starts crying.Its so painful as breast is engorged..I m so much worried..What to do?
Answer: When she is hungry go fr left side..... N don't breast feed in front of others.. Try 2 give left side first otherwise it pain fr u
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Question: My baby taking vomit fr past 3 days only on eve so wat to do
Answer: Hi,is ok for the baby to vomit after feed but agar baby surf eve mein vomit karta Hain than aapko Dr SE consult karna Chahiye. Hope aap baby ko theek se burp karvatey Hain. If the baby is vomiting just once than there should be nothing to worry about
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