5 months old baby

Question: I hav strated formula to my 4 mn baby ..he is doing watery poop with seed like things 2 times a day is it normal ...how much gap should be der between feed

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Answer: Hi! Its common, the seedy texture watery poop is all common, baby should be fed on demand hence pls follow hunger cues to feed the baby.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How many times I should feed my 4 month old boy and in between how many hours of gap should be given
Answer: Dear the gap between the feeds depends on how much time your baby is taking the feed. Ideally at 4 months baby should take the feed for half an hour which should be divided equally between both sides. If that is happening then you baby should be taking feeds at a gap of 3-4 hours. If the feeding sessions are shorter the gaps would be shorter as well. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is now 5 month old his poop is still watery .doing 2-3 times inday sometime 4 -5 times also y poop is like that?
Answer: Hi... dear is it OK.when start solid food then changes in poop.5months it is teething time some babies have increase poops....but is heavily watery and too much times then consult pediatrician
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Question: How much formula feed should be given to 5 months old baby and after how much gap
Answer: 4 to 5 time in a days.... And time gap should be 2.5 to 3 hours.....
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