32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i had two earlier abortions at 21 and 8 weeks respectively. 32 weeks pregnant now, Dr. suggested to plan for pre natal steroid administration at 35 weeks. what does this means ?please throw a light on this..feeling nervous!

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Answer: Do not worry. Your doctor will induce a labour within 7days of starting the steroid course for you. These medications lower the risk of miscarriages or any vaginal abnormality that can hamper childbirth at 35weeks. You will be given steroidal injections most common is betamethasone. So in 24hrs gap you will be injected twice. And you will deliver within a week. This medication reduces late miscarriage and you can expect your child to be under medical supervision such as NICU for a week or more. What's the current baby weight in your sonography if it is somewhere 1.5kgs than its ok. You must consult your Dr about specific pregnancy risk such as membrane disease, or your baby has undeveloped lungs before the treatment us started. Rest assured it is performed but you must ask what shall be the reason its performed on you. Hope it helps! Take care
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Question: Went for scan today and my baby's weight is 2.4 kg at 32+4 weeks.. ?? Does this means baby will arrive earlier ?? Or is it normal !
Answer: Nothing to worry..it doesnt mean that ur baby will arrive soon but baby with healthy weight..itz obvious .njoy ur pregnancy
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Question: I m 35 year old and my edd was 19th Nov but unfortunately I had to deliver the baby at 28 weeks 2 days my baby did not survived as it was case of pre-eclampsia and my gynea told me that this will be shown in reoccurring pregnancy. Please help me how soon I can plan my baby and what precautions I should take?
Answer: Hello! Ideally it would be better for you to wait for 6 months before you plan for the baby. To avoid such situation, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take a balanced healthy diet, go for exercise, drink plenty of water and take proper rest. If you are over weight then you should first focus on loosing weight and then only it is advisable to go for a pregnancy. Hope their helps Take care
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Question: Im 8 weeks pregnant before when i had done the home test there was dark 2 lines but today it was 1 light line and 1 dark what does that mean? What can be the reason for this? Please help
Answer: Hello Dear it happens nothing to worry sumtym the test is not done properly or urine is not sufficient but it is confirmed that yu are pregnant congratulations. To be more sure yu can do HCG blood test it will give yu accurate results. Take care
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