11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had suddenly jump in sleep .I thought that I got fall. Is this type of jump hurmful for my unborn baby?

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Question: Hi I m very confused about my pregnancy is this possible that I had sex one day nd suddenly after 4 days i got my periods started.. In this case is that possible that I m pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, if period started then the chances are you wont be pregnant. Missing period is the 1st symptoms of pregnancy. Take care
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Question: im in my 10th week.. suddenly i got loose motions.. is this normal?? i had mango shake yesterday
Answer: Mango is not advisable during pregnancy.If the loose motion is. Severe, contact your doctor immediately.
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Question: My baby is 4 months now he crys suddenly in sleep is that normal
Answer: Hi, drar all babiez are sidd ans react in their own sweet ways. So everyday you aill deel somethinh new. Nothing ro woeey. Takw care
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