5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had sex, and spotted blood 6 days before my period.Am i pregnant?

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Answer: Pls answer me
Answer: Pls answer
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Question: I had intercorse today and blood spotted...is it normal...or i shuld be worried about?
Answer: Dear sex isn't recommended during first trimester. Please avoid. You can have sex once you complete 12 weeks if your pregnancy is not mhaving any complications. For this spotting please once consult the doctor to be on safer side as it is not a good sign. Make sure when you have sex there is no pressure on the stomach. Hope it helps.
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Question: From 10 days i haven't had bleeding.. But today i spotted some blood.. Is it normal
Answer: Hi, yes it is OK,asnsome spotting or bleeding is seen sometimes till 12 weeks. So don't worry but the bleeding should not be like in period.
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Question: I had blood spotting fifteen days before.
Answer: Sometimes it is normal but do consult your doctor..
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