17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i had pineapple juice today..will there be any side effects , I am 16 weeks pregnant....

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Answer: Hello! Don't take stress nothing will hoo. Just keep in mind, going forward you should keep in mind.
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Question: Will there be any side effects if i eat dried salted mangoes??iam 12 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi.. Dear if you crave for it.. You can have it.. It will not be a problem, but do not have excess of it as having anything in excess can be little painful..
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Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant..by mistake I had raw papaya today. Will there be any problem?
Answer: How much quantity have you ate, As your third trimester if you feel any discomfort or pain or else any sort of disturbed situation in tummy visit your gynaecologist as soon as possible
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Question: Will there be any side effects if a 9 months pregnant have tooty fruity pieces
Answer: Hi ... There will be no side effects so u can have it ..but make sure u will not have too much ...bcoz few tutti fruttis r made of papaya ... Hope it's helpful
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Question: Hi I am 5 weeks pregnant, unknowingly I had pineapple juice yesterday, will it be a cause of concern for my baby?
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to very careful about these things.. If you are feeling any kind of uneasiness, get your check up done once from your gynaecologist, for your satisfaction.. However, the pineapples are rich in bromelain, which can cause the softening of the cervix leading to early labour. For this reason Pineapple is in list of food, which needs to be avoided.. You can have the juice of it during the last month, that too after approval of your gynaecologist..
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