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Question: I had periods last month, but the flow was only for 1 day and then the periods stop, now its been a month i did not get periods, also i did my test twice and its negative. Please suggest

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Answer: If your test is negative then there could be some other reason..he a scan done to rule out anything may also get a beta HCG test done to confirm times when th hormones are too low it doesnot show up in the kit..also at times the kits are faulty..
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Question: My last periods date was feb 10, still didn't get my periods, but today pregnancy test showed negative. So is it confirmed that I am not pregnant?
Answer: Hi ma...u can wait for few more days and test again...since it is exactly 45days wait for 5more days and test again..if it shows negative again try for baby planning on next month on fertile healthy and avoid straining...take care.
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Question: I had brown discharge from 2 days earlier than my period date then it turns dark red to red in colour on the usual period date,had kit test twice on the same day and toaday also but negative . Does implantation can happen like this or may be i have checked the kit test earlier...confused¿
Answer: Dear you take pregnancy test earlier that's why may be getting wrong result. better to wait for 7 to 10 days and then a take a pregnancy test with very first morning urine to give a confirm result.
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Question: I am planning to conceive but I had bleeding or period only for 1 day and that was also very less ... Why this is happened and also my period was 3 days late.... Is there any chances of pregnancy?
Answer: Apki hormones ki imbalance hai.. consult your gynecologists
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