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Question: I had period on 14th feb, this month i missed period and today took pregnancy test which comes negative c an you help what to do??

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Answer: Hi dear, missed period doesn't indicate pregnancy in every time. as you are planning for pregnancy chances are there. you can take a beta HCG blood test to check the level of HCG hormone. higher level of HCG hormone indicates pregnancy. But if this also comes negative that means there is some other gynecoligical problem of your delayed period. In that case you need to consult a gynecologist for proper investigation and medication.
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Question: I had sex on 14 febuary and i usually had a period on 1st week of the month son i didnot have period on these week and took pregnancy test today but its negative please help
Answer: hello dear, as your last meanstrual period date is 14 February you should wait at least till 14th of these month & then take a pregnancy test if your period doesn't come.
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Question: Last period start date for 7th January and this month missed by fourth February. Today done HCG test which comes negative and also I do not have irregular periods earlier. What should I do now please suggest?
Answer: Some times due to our stress we have such type of irregular periods, don't worry I also faced the same when planning for pregnancy
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Question: hey I have a problem. I missed my period this month and I took pregnancy test which was what I do.
Answer: Hello dear after missing period if pregnancy test came negative then there are some reasons behind it --- @You took it too early. @ your ovulated late this month. @ you are too far along in the pregnancy. @ you are pregnant with twins and triplets. @ the test is expired our faulty. @ you have an ectopic pregnancy. @ you did not follow the instructions. wait for 1 week more and do test again.
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