14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had period delay tablet for five days without knowing that iam pregnant.is it harmful? Any side effects?

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Answer: Chances are fifty fifty Get thoroughly checked by doctor Don't worry Take care
Answer: It's a short period so it not more harmful
Answer: Consult ur dr..
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Question: Hai iam mother of five months baby can i take tablet to delay my period 👶
Answer: Consult doctor regarding taking this medicine dear. Periods is natural process and you need not postpone the periods. If it is so necessary you can consult doctor dear.
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Question: Which tablet is best for abortion without any side effects and without any problem for next pragnancy??
Answer: Hi. Before planning for abortion please understand some points here 1.Baby already has heart beat now and some organs like hands and legs 2.After abortion next pregnancies will have complications 3.If any piece left inside it causes you lot of trouble Please think we'll because once you lose a chance there might not be a second chance as well. Take care
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Question: Without knowing that I am pregnant I was eating fennel seeds and kokum in first month of pregnancy. Is it have any side effects
Answer: No problem here after be careful before eating anything
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Question: Without knowing i had prepone period tablets while pregnancy there is any problem to my baby i worrying about that
Answer: How long did you take the tabs Also please mention the name of tablet Latest usg done ? I will advise one usg if not done yet We need to see the symmetry of placenta and baby heartbeat. Do not worry.
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