5 months old baby

Question: I had normal delivery in the month of November but till now I am having pain in my hip bone. I am unable to sit straight and also for long time. What could be the reason

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Answer: Hi dear, your hip bone pain is not because of your pregnancy. During pregnancy as we gain a lot of weight and Central gravity also shifted, wrong sitting and sleeping postures during this time responsible for this pain. Consult a Doctor take proper medication and you may need to take some physiotherapy to cure this problem. Take care.
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Question: I am having pain in my left hip bone what shud I do.. Also pain starts when I sit or stand for 10-15min in my tail bone also. Is this normal as pregnancy time is not more
Answer: hi dear yes it is very normal during the pregnancy specially first trimester as our bones and muscles will expand during early pregnancy so pain may cause this is the reason doctors advise us to take more calcium and iron supplement please continue the medicine prescribed by doctor and also add more Calcium and Iron rich food in your diet you can take hot water bag for your back pain and also you can use warm water to wash this will help you to get rid of pain.
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Question: I am having pain in my abdomen when i sit or sleep for a long time. Can I know the reason? What is the precaution to be takes?
Answer: Hi dear,it is round ligament pain which can happen on either side or both the sides of the tummy As the baby weight increases it puts pressure and also the growing uterus causes the pain.so nothing to worry Avoid sleeping or sitting in one position for a long time .it can cause more pain. Keep changing your position and if you are sitting you should get up and have a walk after every 1 HR at least to avoid pain This will help
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Question: I had normal delivery on 13th feb and had episitomy stitch but my pad is having blood stain in front part and i am having stingy pain also...what could be the reason
Answer: Episiotomy cuts are usually repaired within an hour of the baby's birth. The cut (incision) may bleed quite a lot initially, but this should stop with pressure and stitches. Stitches should heal within one month of the birth. These tears generally heal quickly and cause little discomfort. A typical episiotomy or second-degree tear which involves skin and muscle, requires stitches and usually heals in two to three weeks. (The stitches dissolve on their own during this time.) so dont worry this is normal..
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