5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had my LMP on 31/12/2018 and average cycle is 28 days..i have missed my periods..so when should i do a pregnancy test?

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Answer: Hi dear, Ideally test on 7 feb.as you should wait for a week post missed period before checking it through kit.as early checking might give you negative results.pregnancy hormones needs to rise enough to show positive result.
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Question: LMP was 28 September and cycle length is 30 days. I missed my period this month so when should I take the home pregnancy test?
Answer: You can now take home pregnancy test. It detect pregnancy on day of missed period itself. But morning first urine is best to test so try tomorrow morning.
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Question: My last period was on15/12/2018. My cycle is 28 days. I missed my periods. To check whether am pregnent when should i test?
Answer: If you still didn't get your periods.. you are probably 5 weeks pregnant.. congratulations And make sure that you visit doc regularly for checkup
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Question: My LMP was on June 16th.........I have 28 days regular cycle......I have missed my period.....And got positive pregnancy test.........When can I meet Doctor now...?
Answer: Fix an appointment as soon as possible. Because first the doctor will do an ultrasound and make sure that the embryo z at correct position. Then the doctor will do Some regular blood test of you and your husband too found out if everything z normal or nt, like diabetic or thyroid etc. Then she will prescrib some multivitamins for you. Don't worry dear. Just find a right gynecologist
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