12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had my NT scan today. And the report says that Bilateral uterine arteries shows notching. What does that mean? Are there any chances of complications?

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Answer: Hi, A notch refers to an abnormal pattern of blood flow to the fetus through both the uterine arteries. It could mean certain conditions like growth restriction, low birth weight, pre term delivery, need for c section etc Doctor will advice additional tests to monitor it It is important to keep a healthy level of BP It could be considered an indication or sign for chromosomal abnormalities for which additional tests will be advised Majority of the cases when well monitored result in healthy mother and baby
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Question: My scan report says "Placenta is attached to the fundo-posterior wall. Placenta shows grade 1 maturity." What does this mean?? What are the chances of normal delivery??
Answer: Placenta is attached to the uterus and uterus has two walls anterior wall that is front wall and the posterior wall that is back wall In your case Placenta is attached to the upper part (fundus) of the back wall which is considered normal Grading indicates the maturity of placenta ,grade one at this week is considered normal
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Question: In my nt scan (3rd month) report.it shows there is an early diastolic notching in bilateral uterine arteries so dr prescribed me to take ecospirin150 ...what does it mean? It will affect the baby??
Answer: Hi, early diastolic notching means theres increased resistance to blood flow in the uterine arteries. this decreases blood flow to the uterus and the fetus. ecospirin will help in thinnin the blood and there by reduce the resistance.
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