17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had my NT scan in 13 weeks 3 days, when I asked her about the next scan, she said it is not required? Why does it so?

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Answer: From.18 to 21 week there is anomoly scan to be done which is in the 5 month plz ask dr to the sacn
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Question: In my 12 weeks NT scan Nuchal Thickness is 1.3mm.Is it normal?
Answer: Hi a baby with an 1.3mmNT is within the normal range.normal NT thickness generally ranges from 1.2-1.9mm.even it is more than 2.5mm, most of the babies will not have downs syndrome.take care
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Question: My baby does not sleep whole night. She wants milk after one one hour . She cries also nd sleeps in the morning near about 8 o clock . I have done massage . I make every effort to make her sleepy in night .i tried to wake her in day time but still she does not sleep in night. What to u ?
Answer: Check whether baby gets enough milk, if milk is not sufficient baby will not sleep.
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Question: I had delivered via c section 51 days back and still have pain above incision site on stomach on touch or when I massage! I asked my doctor on 6weeks checkup she said it will go with time.. just wanted to check does anyone have same issues? Is it normal? How much time does it take to feel back same om tummy?
Answer: Yes I feel the same and doctor said that it will go with time
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