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Question: I had my last period on Aug 5th to Aug 7th. Still my next period does not come. Can I consider that I am pregnant now? After how many days I can do my pregnancy urine test at any lab ?

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Answer: It is true that missed period is one of the sign of pregnancy but it doesn't confirm pregnancy. Sometimes because of hormonal changes we can experience delays period or even missed period. If you have unprotected sex in your previous ovulation days then chances of pregnancy could be there and you should take a proper urine test after 7 to 10 days of missed period with very first morning urine to get a confirm result.
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Question: My last period date sep 14 still now no period ..So How many days after mis period test ...
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally one should test pregnancy after a week of missed period.the hormone level need to surge up to show any positive can also check blood test to confirm early pregnancy,which is quick and precise.wish you all the best.
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Question: I had my last period on 11 of aug ...after that we had sex alternate days ...wil i be pregnant ....and how early i can do pregnancy test
Answer: you can check through pregnancy kit dear one or two day after your missed period.
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Question: My last period 19.2.2019 still now , my next period come...i try urine test,,its show positive..but still now i don't have any pregnancy nature or any problem ...pls tell☺️
Answer: Congratulations dear for ur pregnancy. It's not compulsory to have morning sickness n everything ryt away u get positive just wait for few more weeks ull njy that toooo....:P
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